What Kind of Bed to Buy?

What kind of bed to buy?

Before you go shopping for your new bed, you need to know what to look for. Your needs should guide you in determining what kind of bed to buy, below are some important things to consider. 

Consider the mattress size and weight
It’s easier to pick a bed when you already have a mattress. You just need to buy one that can adequately carry the mattress and those sleeping on it. Ensure the bed is a perfect fit for your mattress. If the frame is larger, it will eat into the space available in the bedroom. A smaller frame will leave the mattress hanging, which is one of the fastest ways to destroy a bed. For example, there are two sizes of double beds, a standard double (4ft 6in) and a small double (4ft). 

Consider the size of the room
Ensure that the bed leaves ample room for movement around it. Investing in a bed larger than is necessary for the room can be a costly mistake.

Consider the support type
You need to pick a bed frame that offers adequate support for your mattress. For example, you can choose between platform and box spring beds. Platform beds have in-built support for your mattress owing to their design. These beds usually sit lower to the ground than box spring beds.

Box spring beds sit higher off the ground and offer bouncier support than platform beds’ firmness. You can add a box spring to your platform bed frame to enjoy more support for your mattress. However, you need to avoid it if you have a memory foam mattress, as it can damage the mattress or inhibit its proper functioning.

Select the right height
Higher beds are usually ideal for those with mobility issues, such as in hospitals, care homes, and for an elderly or convalescing person at home. If you have no mobility issues or prefer a more romantic setting for your bedroom, consider a lower-height bed. For example, a platform bed made of wood looks amazing in that low position. In all your choices, ensure the headboard is the right height.

Consider the design
A bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, drawing the most attention. Therefore, you need to choose a style that complements the rest of the room. If your design theme is warm, then a wooden frame bed with lots of pillows is ideal. On the other hand, a minimalist theme works well with a metal bed frame, including a few pillows and neutral colours. A platform bed could also fit this theme, as long as you choose a neutral-coloured finish.


Metal frame beds – Metal framed beds are sturdy, suit a minimalist look, and come in plenty of unique designs. The strength of metal allows for elaborate and diverse designs, ensuring a unique look for your bedroom. A metal framed bed can last a lifetime.

Wooden frame beds – Wooden framed beds are a classic bed design that gives a bedroom that warm and cosy feeling. Wood is most suited for platform beds, especially if you choose a thick frame.

Upholstered beds – Upholstered beds have a fabric layer covering the bed frame. The fabric could be padded to give a bulky look to the bed. Upholstered beds allow for greater personalisation of the bedroom since the fabric can match the colours of your other pieces of furniture.

Divan beds – Divan beds are similar to upholstered beds, only their design is compact and tidy, sitting flush with the mattress. They may have a headboard but lack a footboard. Additionally, they have built-in storage as drawers. Furthermore, they offer support similar to platform beds.

Sofa or guest beds – These beds are usually compact and foldable. For example, a sofa bed is a seat during the day that transforms into a bed at night. Guest beds take up little space in the room, neatly folding away until you need them.

Gas Lift storage beds – A smart choice when trying to increase storage space and avoid clutter, especially when you have limited space in your bedroom.  Gas lift storage beds have incorporated storage space beneath the mattress which has a gas lift mechanism to lift the mattress and easily access the storage space. They are practical as well as attractive. Unlike other types of bed, such as a divan which uses drawers under the mattress, a gas lift bed uses the entirety of the base to create functional storage space for clothes, cushions, shoes, sports gear and other equipment. See our range here

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We have chosen the Galway Bed Frame is to feature in this post. This bed is upholstered with a modern feel. The bed features button back detail on headboard and footboard in a contemporary style. Each bed is complemented by chrome feet and there is a  choice of two colours, silver or grey. 

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