How To Take Care Of Your Fabric Sofa!

How To Take Care Of Your Fabric Sofa!

If you are looking for something comfortable and contemporary for your home, you can’t go wrong with a fabric sofa. To ensure that your sofa is always in tip-top condition, it’s best to clean it regularly. Below, we’ve set out three easy steps that you should follow regularly to make sure your sofa remains dust and dirt free. We advise that you clean your upholstery every fortnight to keep it spotless.

  1. Vacuum your sofa’s upholstery to draw out all the loose dust and dirt from both under and above the surface. Use a soft brush attachment and gentle movements for this task to avoid scratching or marking the material. 
  2.  When you’re giving your sofa a quick clean, you should take care of any grime or light marks with a damp cloth. However, once or twice every month, you should use a fabric-friendly cleaning product to perform a much deeper cleanse.
  3. Leave your sofa to dry naturally before sitting on it again. This will prevent creases forming. In the warmer months, you should open your home’s windows and doors to improve air flow and speed up the drying process.

Other ways to help you maintain your fabric sofa are:

  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Choose a machine washable throw
  • Vacuum regularly with a suitable attachment
  • Always lift from the base
  • Avoid sitting on the armrests
  • Swap cushions on a regular basis
  • Never eat on the couch

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