Why should you buy an Accent Chair?

Why Should you buy and accent chair?

Many people swear by accent chairs as the perfect finishing touch, while others don’t bother with them. So, why should you buy and accent chair? If you can fit them, I’d always suggest yes, buy that accent chair! They add personality and style to your home. From a functional standpoint, it’s always welcome to have an extra seat or two when you have guests. However, accent chairs are a bad choice for an overly small room if you already have all of your functional pieces. So let the size of your space be your guide.

An accent chair can add visual interest or a pop of colour  to a room. It can also draw the eye away from things you don’t want your visitors focusing on in your home. Choosing an accent chair in a contrasting design will pull focus to the chair and away from any undesirable features of the room. People who have large families or entertain often will generally choose to have accent chairs to provide extra seating when people come over.

Accent chairs don’t have to match or match your current furniture if that’s not the look you’re going for. When selected carefully, this can be a really sophisticated look! Mismatched chairs work well in vintage, eclectic, rustic, and boho spaces. If your style veers towards classic, traditional, or modern, stick with matching accent chairs.

Choosing an accent chair can be a little overwhelming. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the size and space of the room. Accent chairs are meant to draw attention to the space and create a focal point in the room. However, buying a chair too big or small for the space could make the room seem off-balance. If you have a small room you should buy a smaller accent chair.

Whatever you decide we have a wide selection available for you to choose from at Carrick Suite Dreams. Contact us today if you have any questions or require assistance. Or click here to browse our collection. 

Featured Accent Chair

The Quatro Armchair is durable and has an elegant contemporary design. The chair silver detailed feet, horizonal lines on the back and comes in a dak grey colour. There is also a matching  light grey 3 seater and dark grey 2 seater. All can be sold separately or part of a sofa set.

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